Buying andlicensing Patents

A Pioneer in the Business

Intellectual Ventures (IV) is a pioneer in patent licensing. Our Invention Investment Funds, having purchased tens of thousands of patents and patent-applications while generating billions in licensing revenue, operate at a scale few companies can match.

Why Buy Patents from IV?

Purchasing patents from IV is an effective way to obtain the high-quality assets needed to defend against patent litigation, gain a competitive product advantage, launch a new licensing program, or bolster an existing campaign. Through strategic partnerships, IV’s licensing ecosystem ensures the broadest number of market participants will benefit from our technologies.

Why License Patents from IV?

As a robust source of intellectual property (IP) across dozens of technology areas, IV is uniquely able to help customers reduce their exposure and strengthen their IP position through licensing our portfolio.


IV customers avoid multiple business and legal costs, such as royalty stacking, through a single licensing transaction.


IV customers do not deal with multiple patent owners; we’ve aggregated some of the best available assets in the industry.


IV customers can reduce exposure to litigation and the inevitable toll—through fees and commercial disruption—it takes on a business.

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Our world-class team can help you identify, license, and/or buy the assets that will create the most impact for your business.

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