Mathen Ganesan is executive vice president of Intellectual Ventures’ (IV) Invention Investment Fund. He is directly responsible for portfolio management, licensing, monetization strategy, patent engineering, maximizing the value of the patent assets acquired, and fund operations. Previously, he served as managing director of Invention Investment Ireland, IV’s third Invention Investment Fund based in Dublin, Ireland.

Prior to joining IV, Mathen served as director of sales for TechInsights, providing IP value extraction services to blue chip companies. He was previously co-founder and vice president of business development and sales at Storage Genetics Inc., where he led go-to-market planning, strategic partnerships, business development, sales strategy, and execution. Prior to this role, he ran international sales at Cornice Inc.

Over the last 19 years, Mathen has served as a consultant and advisor to companies in the semiconductor, mobile advertising, and music and new media markets.

Mathen received a bachelor’s degree in microelectronics and software engineering from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He received a master of science degree in telecommunications from University College London.

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